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Media: Sin Chew


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Urology consultant Dr. Luo Hualun highlighted that prostate cancer can be detected and treated early, and if detected early, it can also be better controlled. Dr. Luo was in Xinzhou a few days ago, where he presented a “Medical Literacy” workshop hosted by the Sin Chew newspaper and sponsored by CIMB Foundation and the University of Malaya.


In the online workshop, men over 40 years old were advised to do a check-up and prostate screening. He said that the prostate is an organ in the male reproductive system, located under the bladder of the disc cavity.


The growth and function of the prostate is affected by male hormones. The prostatic fluid secreted by it can help maintain the acidity of semen, and the fibromuscular tissue can control the direction of urine flow and ejaculation.


Like breast cancer or cervical cancer in women, he said that prostate cancer is a problem that we must pay attention to. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men and is listed as the third most common cancer incidence among Malaysian men.


The workshop attracted 500 readers who participated online.



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