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Media: Malaysiakini


Section: News 

Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur (CVSKL) and its’ doctors joined hands with CIMB Foundation to celebrate CVSKLs’ 4th anniversary with a full day of charity cases at no cost to 11 patients.


The CVSKL team, led by Chairman and consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Yahya bin Awang mooted the idea of dedicating their anniversary, which falls on the 28th of November, to treating underprivileged patients for free.


To make this possible, all hospital charges and doctors’ fees were waived for the 11 patients who benefitted from CVSKL’s Charity Day. The team of doctors performed 1 CABG (open heart surgery), 4 angioplasties, 4 atrioventricular fistula creation procedures, 1 ablation and 1 pacemaker implant.


The estimated cost of these procedures to the patients would have totalled up to RM400,000.


Commenting on the good cause, Tan Sri Dato Dr. Yahya Awang, Chairman, and consultant cardiothoracic surgeon said, “It’s a great way to celebrate CVSKL turning 4.


Contributing back to society is always at the heart of what we do as we are not just another private hospital but one with a strong CSR presence. As an essential service provider, we are in a good position to help the needy and the vulnerable especially during this time of Covid-19.”


Adding on to his statement, he also thanked CIMB Foundation for agreeing to support this cause by pledging to cover the cost of medical/surgical supplies.


Rafe Haneef, CEO of CIMB Foundation congratulated CVSKL on their milestone and added “On behalf of CIMB Foundation, we’d like to congratulate CVSKL on their 4th anniversary.


With Health and Community Wellbeing being one of our impact areas, we are pleased to be able to support this cause on the occasion of CVSKL’s anniversary to provide life-changing cardiac and vascular procedures.


This meaningful campaign which benefits the B40 segment of patients resonates strongly with our values as we continue to empower communities and change lives.”


A nurse from the operating theatre shared, “These cases were performed continuously, one after another.


It was a tiring day for all of us especially on a weekend where we typically recharge by spending time with our families, but knowing that this is for a good cause makes it worthwhile, especially in conjunction with our anniversary.”


CVSKL extends their deepest gratitude to participating partners: Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Orbusneich, Biosense Webster, BBraun, Alvimedica, Gaia Medicals, Bard, Terumo, Mitsu Scientific, Eternity Healthcare and BKS Medic.



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