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Media: Borneo News


Section: General

"38 Malaysians have successfully completed their Masters in the UK under the Chevening Awards, and have returned to help realise Malaysia’s vision and potential.


British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Her Excellency Ailsa Terry CMG, hosted a reception today to welcome home the 2022/23 cohort of scholars. Apart from congratulating the returning scholars, Terry also said:


"Chevening is a great example of the UK’s continuous commitment in supporting future leaders of Malaysia with a world-class education. This also allows both the UK and Malaysia a chance to strengthen our people-to-people connection through education."


The Chevening Award is the UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded and administered by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. This is complemented by generous sponsorships by Malaysian corporate partners including Yayasan Khazanah, CIMB Foundation and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation. British universities are also providing additional funding in support of the Chevening programme.


Prof. Jarlath Ronayne on behalf of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation said:


"The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation is proud to support Chevening Scholarship since 2018 and we have been delighted with the calibre of the recipients. They are high achievers and have distinguished themselves during their period in the UK and beyond. Nurturing talent and future leaders are part of our foundation’s DNA and we are committed to supporting the development of future global leaders."


Intan Zalila of Yayasan Hasanah, said:


"The journey of education goes beyond borders, and our partnership with Chevening Scholarship reflects our commitment in providing opportunities for Malaysians to be part of a global community of learners and leaders. As we welcome back our accomplished scholars, we witness the embodiment of our vision for nation building. These individuals carry with them a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and prosperity of Malaysia."


The returning batch of Malaysian Chevening scholars from the 2022/23 academic year have graduated from disciplines such as Digital Journalism, Risk and Disaster Science, Carbon Management and Clinical Immunology. They attended prestigious institutions such as the University of Edinburgh, King’s College London and London School of Economics.


Scholar Justice Khor who got a Masters in Filmmaking (Screen Documentary) from Goldsmiths, University of London said:


"Exploring the UK film industry felt like peeling back layers of inspiration. Diving into diverse storytelling and connecting with Jeanie Finlay, the director of “Seahorse”, left a lasting impact as we discussed the vital duty of care in filmmaking. I earnestly hope that Malaysia can foster an environment where artists, including myself, can create freely where the essence of our stories is celebrated, and our freedom of expression become an inviolable part of our nation’s fabric."


Scholar Viviantie Sarjuni, who attended University of Strathclyde to obtain a Masters in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, said:


"During my Chevening year in the UK, the most eye-opening experience was gaining insights into how the UK ecosystem, particularly the government, actively supports social innovation and social entrepreneurship. The experience offered by Chevening broadened my perspective on the crucial role these initiatives play in addressing societal challenges. Upon returning to Sabah, I am inspired to elevate the impact of social enterprises by transitioning towards social innovation. Social entrepreneurship focuses on creating sustainable business models with a social mission, while social innovation takes it a step further. Social innovation involves implementing novel solutions to tackle systemic issues, thereby creating a broader and more profound impact on society. By combining the strengths of both, I aim to foster a holistic ecosystem that not only uplifts individuals through entrepreneurship but also transforms societal structures to effectively overcome poverty in Sabah."


Malaysia is the second largest recipient of Chevening awards in ASEAN and the 38 returning scholars are now part of the 2,000-strong Chevening Alumni in Malaysia."