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We have completed two more CIMB MOZEK Camps in Negeri Sembilan from 25-29 Nov, reaching a total of about 93 secondary students from 8 schools! Kiritharan, a Form 1 participant at our Negeri Sembilan camp, summed up his learning perfectly – “I learned that we have to stay united because if not, our Malaysia will be torn, we need to manage our stereotypes and accept everybody.”


Participated schools:

  1. SMK Chung Hwa
  2. SMK King George V
  3. SMK Tunku Besar
  4. SMK Desa Cempaka
  5. SMK Raja Jumaat
  6. SMK Dato' Sedia Raja
  7. SMK Datuk Mansur
  8. SMK Dato' Undang Musa Al-Haj