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Media: The Star Online


Section: Lifestyle

Syahmi Jamaluddin likes his exhibitions to be plugged-in affairs. His latest show Introspektif at Core Design Gallery, Subang Jaya City Centre (SJCC) in Selangor sees seven painting installation works rigged up to power points, with glowing lights and floral patterns adding to the LED atmosphere. As an individual and parent, he is embracing this new chapter of growth and maturity. On the artistic front, this Introspektif exhibition also captures Syahmi's innermost thoughts and emotions. From the works presented, viewers will notice how they resemble windows on a flat building. The creative process, though a bit tricky, also proved to be a satisfying experience for Syahmi. Syahmi's Introspektif exhibition is also part of the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award by CIMB Foundation, where he was one of the five winners in 2022.