9 April 2015

CIMB - YFA Bintang Muda 2015

The YFA-Bintang Muda community football academy was established in 2002. The club now has 1,325 junior footballers training in nine centres in Malaysia. CIMB Foundation has funded this club since early 2009 to provide opportunities for young children to learn the sport. This funding pays for equipment, training and events. It also enables the club to lower its fees and provide apparel for free so that children from lower-income families are able to compete.

In 2014, YFA-Bintang Muda focused on developing elite juniors. A revised coaching programme was introduced in line with the players’ skill progression. In 2014, thirteen players from the junior programme were selected for the Harimau Muda programme. This represents the highest number of players from YFA-Bintang Muda representing Malaysia in a single season. The Harimau Muda U14s was represented by six players: Dinesh Maniyarasan, Muhammad Alif Haikal, Muhammad Alif Safwan Salahuddin, Alif Haiqal Lokman Hakim Lau, Shivan Pillay Asokan and Muhammad Asif Masszary.

FOOTBALL The Harimau Muda U15s was represented by Saiful Iskandar Adha Saiful Azlan. Four players, Kogileswaran Raj, Dinesh Raja Singam, Syazwan Sahilin and Mohd Ali, represented Harimau Muda C team whilst Syafwan Syahlan represented Harimau Muda B team.

YFA-Bintang Muda performed well in the 2014 tournaments. At the School Football Festival in Brunei, the U9s and U12s were champions; the U10s, U11s and U14s came third in their categories. Locally, YFA-Bintang Muda’s U7s, U8s, U9s, U10s, U11s and U12s were champions at the KL Junior League. At the RSC Dato’ Chu Cup, the U10s and U14s won while the U8s and U16s were runners up. The team was once again champions in the 1MCC League U14 category.

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