20 March 2013

Education Aid for Juvenile Delinquents

CIMB Foundation officially launched a Community Link project at Sekolah Integriti Kajang at Kajang Prison in November 2012, greatly benefiting many young inmates housed there. The initiative equipped the library at Sekolah Integriti Kajang with educational and reference books valued at RM10,000.

Sekolah Integriti were established to enable juveniles who were tried as adults to receive quality education whilst in prison. While juveniles who were tried as children were sent to Sekolah Henry Gurney and were able to receive proper education in custody, juveniles tried as adults were not as fortunate before the establishment of Sekolah Integriti. Thanks to the formation of Sekolah Integriti in 1998, these young inmates are now able to receive a much-needed education that will help them lead a better life upon release. Equipping the libraries at the various Sekolah lntegriti with sufficient reading materials will further enhance the quality of education the young prisoners receive.

Besides Kajang Prison, Sekolah Integriti Kota Kinabalu and Sekolah Henry Gurney in Keningau, Sabah have also received their education materials. CIMB Foundation plans to work with other Sekolah Integriti and Henry Gurney schools nationwide in 2013.

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