16 November 2017

Justin Buoyant With CIMB Backing
Media Title: Malay Mail
Section: Sport
KUALA LUMPUR: Justin Felix Nagel of Junior Cycling Malaysia (JCM) is bent on surpassing the achievements of the current rage, world champion Azizulhasni Awang aka ‘Pocket Rocketman’. 

The 15-year-old German-born Justin, who has Malaysian citizenship, hopes the other corporate sectors will follow in the footsteps of the CIMB Foundation to especially help athletes at grass roots level. 

“Juniors like us need sponsors too to reach a standard where we stand out like the seniors. But for us to win over the sponsors is hard as we don’t have a concrete ‘hall of fame’ yet. 

“However, we need sponsors to compete locally and even more at international level so we can shine en route to become world champions,” he said after the launch of the Junior Cycling Development Programme yesterday.

It is a partnership between CIMB Foundation and Junior Cycling Malaysia to nurture young local talents in cycling. CIMB Foundation is partnering JCM for three years from 2018 to 2020. 

This sports initiative was announced after the TN50 Dialogue with CIMB Youth yesterday. 

Justin was born in Itzehoe, Germany, to a German father Kai Nagel. His mother Hasni Samsudin, is a Malaysian. 

“I’m glad since Azizulhasni won the world title, all sectors have turned their attention to cycling. 

“So with the help of the CIMB Foundation, I want to paddle better and strive to become more powerful than Azizulhasni. I want to boost the sport and become an eye-opener like what Azizulhasni has done for cycling,” added Felix. 

JCM is an initiative under the National Sports Institute to promote more cycling opportunities for athletes and the public alike to participate in.
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