29 April 2017

Hearing-impaired learn pastry skills
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TAYLOR'S School of Culinary Arts & Food Studies, in collaboration with Food Aid Foundation and CIMB Foundation, has been teaching pastry-making skills to 30 hearing-impaired individuals.

Since November last year, the four-hour classes have been held every Saturday by two senior chef lecturers, Chef Norrizan Ramudin and Chef Patma Ghani.

"The participants showed an interest in pastry making and baking. Many have great potential," said Chef Norrizan.

Chef Patma said the both of them loved being part of the initiative.

"We hope there will be more such programmes which focus on other types of food too," she said.

The participants of this programme were recommended by Food Aid Foundation. The criteria for selection included being eager to learn pastry making with the goal of using the skill to make extra income or as a source of income.

CIMB Foundation provided the funds for the ingredients used in the class and any other cost incurred while Taylor's University provided the facilities for the classes and the chef lecturers who shared their skills and knowledge in pastry making.

Selected from the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf, the Kuala Lumpur Society of the Deaf and the Selangor Society of the Deaf, the participants are aged between 18 and 55.

They learned how to prepare, bake and decorate pastries and cakes, such as soft rolls, scones, eclairs, marble cakes, fruit tartlets, cookies and pastry cream filled pancakes.

In addition, they were also taught cake decoration skills using butter cream and fondant cut flowers. The classes were conducted with the help of a sign-language translator Goh Soo Leng.

The classes ignited Nor Azizah Othman's interest to learn more. The 21-year old said she recently completed vocational school with a focus on catering and hospitality.

"What I learned at school were basic culinary skills while the classes at Taylor's University opened my eyes to new possibilities," she said. 

Another participant, 47-year old Mohd Elham Samsuri enthusiastically shared how grateful he was for the opportunity to attend the classes. 

"When I heard about this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to take part," he said.

Mohd Elham who has been selling accessories for men and women around Shah Alam, plans to open a stall selling pastries and cakes in the coming fasting month using his newly acquired skills at the Ramadhan bazaar.

Marliza Mat Din, 55, who is a clerk for a deaf business company in Kuala Lumpur, is planning to start a small catering business with her newly acquired skills.

"The two chef lecturers from Taylor's University were very detailed in their explanations and generous in sharing their knowledge. I learned many new recipes and techniques and look forward to baking for my family," she said.
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