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About Community Link
Community Link is CIMB Foundation’s flagship programme. Launched in May 2007, the Community Link Programme has served as a platform for CIMB Bank employees to work with local NGOs and community leaders to give back to the communities they serve in. To date, more than 700 projects have been successfully implemented through the vehicle of Community Link benefiting more than 500,000 Malaysians.
Join us in impacting your local community! Anyone can propose a Community Link project to CIMB Foundation.

The grant amount is up to RM40,000 per application.
The project period should not exceed 12 months.

If your project is selected, CIMB Foundation will cover the cost of implementation. If you have a project you would like to propose, just download the Grant Inquiry Form, fill in the proposed project details and email your application to before the deadline. The grant application period for Community Link Challenge 2017 has now closed. Please check back soon for our announcement on the next round of funding. 
Project Application Guide
7 Project Clusters
Community Link 2017 covers 7 clusters for community programmes in Malaysia. Your project application for Community Link grant must be in line with the 7 clusters.
  • 1. Capacity Building
    • Community Link supports skills or vocational training for underserved communities. Our objective is to provide occupational skills training to increase productivity or employability of the underserved communities.    
    • The target groups:    
    i. At Risk Youths    
    ii. Underserved Women or Single Mothers   
    iii. Disabled Communities   
    • Grants available to upgrade an existing programme or to create a new programme.
  • 2. Active Lifestyle
    • Community Link wants to promote healthy lifestyle amongst the community. Our objective is to use sports as a platform for Malaysians from different backgrounds to practice a healthy lifestyle and socialise with each other. 
    • Grants available for community based health sessions, sports clinics or community sports competition.
  • 3. Healthcare
    • Community Link supports medical programmes for underserved communities or communities who have no access to medical care in Malaysia. Our objective is to bring healthcare to communities who cannot afford or do not have access to healthcare. 
    • Grants available for health screenings, cataract operations or eye screening programmes for the underserved communities.
  • 4. Education
    • Community Link supports additional educational programmes for school children and youths. Our objective is to provide additional learning activities to improve the performance of school children and youths. 
    • Grants available to run English literacy programmes.
  • 5. Environment
    • Community Link supports programmes to improve the environment. Our objective is to engage our local community to understand and to care for their environment and to make a difference. 
    • Grants available for environmental clean-up programmes, waste management or tree-planting activities.
  • 6. Culture and Heritage
    • Community Link supports cultural preservation programmes that focus on preservation, documentation and promotion of our living and built heritage. Our objective is to preserve and share our diverse Malaysian culture with future generations. 
    • Grants are available for cultural education, cultural preservation programmes, programmes which celebrate the diversity of Malaysia and programmes promoting unity amongst all Malaysians.
  • 7. Welfare
    • Community Link provides financial resources to improve the quality of life in public children's homes or old folks homes. Our objective is to provide the resources to improve the living conditions at public homes. 
    • Grants available to refurbishing and reequipping homes to provide better care for the patients or clients. We can include educational support for children's homes.
  • 1. What Does CIMB Foundation Support?

    CIMB Foundation supports the development and empowerment of communities. The Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting sustainable development. The Foundation by itself, and its strategic partnerships, responds to the needs and opportunities in these 3 focus areas:

    Community Development
    Community Development, via Community Link, encompasses projects which create opportunities and build capacity of communities by providing them with the necessary resources to improve their quality of life and promote sustainable development. It encourages communities to work together to identify and solve problems, cultivate socially valuable relationships and support leadership development. There are 7 main clusters of projects under Community Link – capacity building, active lifestyle, healthcare, education, environment, culture & heritage and welfare.
    One of the main aims of our sports pillar is to develop sports at grassroots level. The Foundation supports sports development activities with particular attention to nurturing young talent by providing opportunities, financial support and programmes for the development of young athletes.
    Education programmes are those that provide community-based learning opportunities as well as facilitate access to knowledge and learning. The Foundation also provides opportunities for talented youth at national and regional levels through scholarships, youth events and support of the PINTAR programme.
  • 2. Who Can Apply?
    The Foundation supports registered charities, non-profit organisations and community leaders that are committed to improving the lives of communities. There are 7 main clusters for Community Link projects - capacity building, active lifestyle, healthcare, education, environment, culture and heritage and welfare.
  • 3. Where do I submit my Grant Inquiry Form?
    Submit via email to or to the nearest CIMB Bank Branch Manager.
  • 4. When can I apply?
    The grant application period for Community Link 2017 has now closed. Please check back soon for our announcement on the next round of funding.
  • 5. How long will it take to receive the grant once approved?
    Projects will be approved 1 month after submission deadline. If all supporting documents are complete and accurate, grant letter will be issued within 2 weeks of project approval.
  • 6. How are grant decisions made?
    All grant applications are first reviewed by the Foundation's Working Committee when received and are forwarded to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for final approval.
  • 7. How long should the duration of my project be?
    Any duration up to 12 months.
  • 8. How much will the grant cover?
    The grant amount is up to RM40,000 per application.
  • 9. Are there any restrictions?
    The Foundation does not support industry associations, unions and political organisations. The Foundation’s funds may not be used to:
    • Satisfy previous committed expenses 
    • Fund lobbying activities 
    • Cover ongoing expenses, administrative expenses and staff salaries 
    • Initiate fundraising activities 
  • 10. If approved, what are the supporting documents required?
    No. Supporting Documents
    Grant Inquiry Form detailing the following

    • Quotations
    • CV of Project Administrators / Trainers (where applicable)
    • Other pertinent information
    • Photos of project site
    1 Company NGO University School
    Certificare of Incorporation Certificate of Registration Waived
    2 Company NGO University School
    Memorandum and Articles Rules and Constitution Constitution of the university Waived
    3 Company NGO University School
    Form 49 List of Office Bearers
    4 CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic account number
    5 Latest Bank Statement
    6 Latest Audited Accounts
  • 11. What does CIMB Foundation need from me once the project is underway?
    We will require your budget and project timeline tracking report ensuring that the desired outcome will be achieved. Grant recipients are required to submit a complete progress report including the expenditure accounts at the end of the grant period.
  • 12. If I am not successful, can I reapply?
    We do not reconsider project applications that have been denied funding. However, you are welcome to submit new grant applications for new ideas or projects.
  • 13. How do I contact you?
    For further enquiries, contact us at any of these numbers:
    Eugene – 03-22618858
    Fairuz – 03-22618856
    Indah – 03-22618861
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