CIMB Foundation was launched in 2007 as the Corporate Responsibility and philanthropic platform for CIMB, marking a shift in the Group's Corporate Responsibility strategy. CIMB began moving towards long-term programmes that bring sustainable community benefits under its three pillars: Community Development, Sports and Education.

With initial seed funding of RM100 million, CIMB Foundation has gone on to make a difference in the lives of many in Malaysia whilst at the same time helping to develop sports in Malaysia through its junior development programmes. CIMB’s Education programmes have seen a rise in UPSR passes, especially in English.

To date, the Foundation has approved over 700 grants to benefit 3 million people within communities served by CIMB Group in the ASEAN region with a total grant value of over RM60 million.

"Longevity is the key to any business. A Business must be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable to thrive in today's business environment."

Our Stories

The Knights of Nature Junior Camp

“The camp was so much fun! We did projects in groups and took turns to present our creations. I wish we could learn like this more often in school.”

Muhammad Raihan bin Rahim, student of SK Kuala Perlis

Pintar English Literacy Programme

“This programme has definitely aided my students in improving their English subject achievements for the past 3 years. Last year, our school’s GPS was at 2.86 which was higher than the National Level GPS of 2.96.”

Puan Ani Aishah Leong binti Abdullah

“CIMB Young ASEAN Leaders was the best experience of my life so far.” 

Pawanrat Pasawongse from Thailand

CIMB Young ASEAN Leaders

“It is very empowering to voice out the opinion of young people like me and I am grateful that CIMB Foundation gave us the opportunity to do so.”

Guill Marc Mariano from Philippines 

“I found that this event had a significant impact on the attending youths of the ASEAN community. It is a very good platform to obtain fresh, cutting-edge ideas, and information from such good, youthful minds.” 

Muhammad Quastan Alhadi Bin Alias from Malaysia 

CIMB Young ASEAN Leaders

“For the first time in my life, I participated in various significant discussions on innovative and controversial policies and their implementation. Topics included economic disparity, law and investment, and transboundary challenges on international trade within the diverse nationalities of ASEAN. I have dreams, and I struggle moving forward confidently in the correct direction. I was strongly inspired by the excellent habits and outstanding behaviours of my fellow participants.”

Sovanna Ry from Cambodia

“In a nutshell, the whole experience has taught me that youths have the power to make changes and that we should use our voice to effect such changes that will ensure a better ASEAN for all.”

Firmansyah Shidiq Warhana from Indonesia

ICT Education for Rural School Project

“With the new computers, we are now able to run the ICT education syllabus." 

Cikgu Azhar, Headmaster of SK Tanah Puteh, Pekan, Pahang. 

Gotong-Royong Perdana dan Kempen Kesedaran Kitar Semula

"This is one of the biggest gotong-royong programme in Johor Bahru. 400 residents together with families and business owners participated in a 4 hours cleanup activity."

Mr Ting, Resident Associate Organising Committee


“As a trainer of Be$MART, I am able to see the transformation in the students throughout the two-day workshop. Young university students these days need to be financial literate in order to excel in today's society. I could feel the paradigm shift in these young and energetic youth in the way they view money management after attending this Be$MART Programme. The most beautiful thing is to see that they are building a strong network amongst themselves which is important to create significant awareness about financial management amongst their peers.”

Penny Leong, Be$MART Trainer

Gift of Sight Programme for Rural Communities

“We thank CIMB Foundation for giving the gift of sight to those in need."

Dr. Ooi Soon Ming, Hospital Sri Aman, Sarawak


“Honestly, I have no regrets spending my weekend here. This is the coolest workshop I have ever attended. It provides us with a lot of knowledge that we can’t get anywhere else. Even if we wanted to research by ourselves, we wouldn’t know where to start and there is no one around to advise us or answer our questions. But in the Be$MART programme, there are experts here to answer our questions and we are provided with the materials and books to learn. It is something that will be super beneficial for all students especially for our future.”

Gabriella Wai Shu Jin, Student of Brickfields Asia College


“This programme is a phenomenal opportunity for the students. It is irrefutable that they have learned and benefited a lot from it especially through the games which are a vital part of the delivery. These topics are usually so tricky for students to understand however you can tell that they are truly enjoying themselves and are completely engaged.”

Lee Mee Fong, Branch Manager of CIMB Kampar Branch during Be$MART session at UTAR, Kampar

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