CIMB Foundation ("the Foundation") is established as a non-profit organisation limited by guarantee. CIMB Group will make financial contributions to the Foundation for the sole purpose of implementing CIMB Group's Corporate Responsibility initiatives and philanthropic activities. This Charter has been adopted by the Foundation.
  • Vision and Statement of Purpose

    The Foundation supports the development and empowerment of communities. The Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life of communities and promoting sustainable development.

The Foundation by itself, and its strategic partnerships, aims to improve the lives of communities and individuals by responding to the needs and opportunities in the areas of Community Development, Sports and Education.

CIMB Group's vision is to be The Leading ASEAN Franchise. This means that the Group aspires to lead, not only in financial services, but across industries.  Premised on this philosophy, the Foundation's commitment to value-creation extends to a wider community, and aims to empower communities through sustainable capacity building initiatives.


Support the development and empowerment of communities

Identify and implement quality projects within our key areas of focus, giving priority to those that are sustainable, build local capacity and have measurable and realistic outcomes

Build meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships with communities and key stakeholders in achieving the Foundation's vision

Realise CIMB Group's commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen, with active participation of its employees

Areas of Focus

  • Community Development
    The Foundation's initiatives within this category create opportunities and build capacity of communities by providing them with the necessary resources to improve their quality of life and promote sustainable development. It encourages communities to work together to identify and solve problems, cultivate socially valuable relationships and support leadership development.
  • Sports
    The Foundation will support activities related to sports development with a particular focus on efforts aimed at nurturing young talent by providing opportunities, financial support and programmes for the development of young athletes.
  • Education
    The Foundation will support projects that provide community-based learning opportunities as well as facilitating access to knowledge and learning.
The Foundation is committed to the highest standards of governance, transparency and accountability. It will have sound financial management systems and controls to ensure that all expenditure is fully accounted for and will be audited on an annual basis. The Foundation is given overall guidance by the Board of Trustees. Community and/or partner agencies will be engaged by the Foundation in the identification and implementation of projects.
Board of Trustees
The Board will ensure that funds are properly administered and disbursed according to the Foundation's vision, objectives and areas of focus. Board meetings will be held at least once quarterly and more frequently, if needed.
Working Committee
The Board will be assisted by a Working Committee. The Working Committee will evaluate projects submitted to the Foundation against a pre-determined set of criteria. Projects that satisfy the criteria will be recommended by the Working Committee to the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation or the Board for approval.
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