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CIMB Foundation was launched in 2007 as the Corporate Responsibility and philanthropic platform for CIMB Group. The Foundation is focused on developing sustainable communities across three pillars: Community Development, Sports and Education. This year’s initiatives under the Foundation’s key programme, Community Link, focused on socio-economic development, unity, culture and heritage, homes and shelters, environment, health, sports and education. With an initial seed fund of RM100 million, CIMB Foundation continues to drive change and today has become one of Asia’s most credible corporate citizens.
The Role of CIMB Foundation
In its 11th year of operations, the CIMB Foundation is established as a non-profit organisation limited by guarantee. Financial contributions to the Foundation are disbursed by CIMB Group for the sole purpose of implementing their corporate social responsibility initiatives and philanthropic activities.

The CEO of CIMB Foundation leads a multifunctional team to provide the organisational support for the daily management of CSR-related matters. We have an established framework for implementing our CSR programmes across the Group. Our regional markets align their strategy to the Group, but have the flexibility to focus on issues that are of local importance.

The Foundation is committed to the highest standards of governance, transparency and accountability. It has sound financial management systems and controls to ensure that all expenditure is fully accounted for and audited on an annual basis. The Foundation is given overall guidance by the Board of Trustees. Community and/or partner agencies are engaged by the Foundation in the identification and implementation of projects.

Working Committee
Projects submitted to the Foundation are first evaluated against a pre-determined set of criteria. The evaluation is done by a ‘Working Committee’, who will then recommend projects that satisfy the criteria to the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer or the Board for approval.

While the CIMB Group Board is responsible for our sustainability performance across the Group and releases an annual Sustainability Report for stakeholders’ consumption, a separate CSR report is also made available on a quarterly basis to the Board of Trustees of CIMB Foundation.

Board of Trustees
The Board ensures that funds are properly administered and disbursed according to the Foundation’s vision, objectives and areas of focus. Board meetings are held at least once quarterly and more frequently, if needed.

The Charter

SUPPORT the development and empowerment of communities

BUILD meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships with communities and key stakeholders in achieving the Foundation's vision

IDENTIFY and implement quality projects within our key areas of focus, giving priority to those that are sustainable, build local capacity and have measurable and realistic outcomes

REALISE CIMB Group's commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen, with active participation of its employees

The Group continuously anticipates and delivers on its stakeholders’ needs and aims at always create value by looking beyond present circumstances and requirements to actively anticipate the future; and as such, the Foundation’s commitment to value-creation extends to a wider community.

The Foundation supports the Group Sustainability Agenda, by delivering various community development programmes and initiatives that address one or more of our material topics.

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