Project Showcase
CIMB-Niaga Scholarship Programme

It is important for corporate citizens in ASEAN countries to promote better relations and encourage forging closer ties among citizens across the region. This should be inculcated amongst youths particularly.

The formation of an initial fund of RM1 million for the CIMB-Niaga scholarship was announced at the Foundation's official launch in 2007. Through the scholarship, Indonesian students will be given opportunities to further their studies in Malaysian universities. This programme is also in line with the Group's regionalisation strategy and fosters closer bilateral ties with Indonesia.

Working together with Bank CIMB Niaga in Indonesia, we saw a total of 78 applications despite the short lead time of one month. After several rounds of interviews with CIMB Niaga's management, 5 candidates were eventually awarded scholarships. These 5 scholars – Pramudita Lestari, Mohamad Reza Assani, Armelita Febri Fitroya, Nanda Anugerah Rizky and Astivani Haratsulisan are currently pursuing Bachelor's degrees in Business Administration at University Kebangsaan Malaysia.